Pondering next steps

My blogging is a poor attempt at something new. . . my desire is there, but I feel my weakest at this attempt.  I will try and improve. I really don’t know what I want to share: family, school, inspiration, encouragement.  I am touched by all. Do I need tabs for each. . . do I even need to mention it. . . or just have a go at it? Maybe I just roll with what is on my mind for today at this very moment.

I am a very passionate person. . . I am the most critical on myself. Whatever I attempt, and am excited about, I will give 100%. I love teaching! Being with those little guys lift my spirits on the most frustrating of days.  I can’t believe it has been 41 years. The education pendulum swings back and forth as we all know.  In 1972 when I began teaching in a little rural school, I had a poster board marked off in 1/2 in lines and columns. Students were listed with the date for their reading tests. Marks were made for those not doing well, when they received reteaching, when they were retested. This hung on the wall behind my desk for all the world to see. Kids soon learned that if you had a lot of squiggles beside your name, you weren’t a very good reader.

Good teachers learn how to do what is required, BUT they also know how important it is to touch the heart of the students. . . to listen when they talk to you, to know their joys and heart aches, to know the importance of laughter and a smile. Good teachers know how important the parents and families are. . . to invite them to the classroom, to send newsletters home, to thank them for all their help. . . a student will succeed if you work together. Students won’t remember the tests, but they will remember how you made them feel.

Thought for the day. . . do what you have to do, complete the requirements that someone deems important. . . but then you do what you know is important. Teach the students, their heart, their mind, their souls. Give them encouragement to try, to give their personal best, to love learning.  It is a wonderful profession. . . keep on keeping on, don’t give up in hard times, it will get better. We need GOOD, CARING teachers.

My goal is to have something once a week for anyone that wants to read about family, school, encouragement. Who knows what will be on my mind next week? Smile, share it with someone today!


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