Reading/Writing Connection

Back in the 90’s there was a Reading/Writing initiative. . . if a child could read a word, he/she could write the word.  . . if they could write the word/they could read the word.  It seems rather simplistic doesn’t it?

We have learned so much over the years and taken that thought a step further . . . maybe miles farther. If we can find the right story that will trigger a child’s excitement then the child will want to read and reread the story, and write their own story.  We call that standing on the shoulders of others, our mentors, that guide us into the wonderful world of reading and writing.  They go hand in hand!

The mentors that I use in my primary classroom are many: Candace Fleming, Keiko Kasza, Rebecca Dotlich, PK Hallinan, Ezra Jack Keats, Eric Carle, Eve Bunting, Steven Kellogg, Lester Laminack, Georgia Heard, Amy Ludwig Vanderwater, and the list goes on.

My professional mentors that have helped me with this reading/writing process is also endless: Katie Wood Ray, Patrick Allen, Ralph Fletcher, Barry Lane, Donalyn Miller,  Ruth Ayres, Ruth Cullum, Carl Anderson, Amy Ludwig Vanderwater, Georgia Heard . . .

My invitation to you is to look at these authors and begin to study their written words or advice . . .your journey of reading/writing will be amazing and you will never look back.


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