Looking for joy

I love the book, Celebrating Writers, by Ruth Ayres and Christi Overman.  I would buy the book for the last few pages of inspiration that is so needed on some days of teaching when we become overwhelmed. We need to celebrate the small steps of our students. We need to celebrate our journey as writers. We need to celebrate all the successes no matter how small.

“There are many things we cannot control. We cannot control educational mandates. We cannot control standardized writing assessments.  But we can choose joy.”  Thank you Ruth Ayres for these words!!! I cherish them!  I purchased BARE books for my first grade students and they made JOY books. The students kept these books in their Choice Reading tubs. . . during DEAR time at the end of the day, my students wrote about the joy they had found that day. What wonderful stories. We will continue this year as second graders.

As a new year starts. . . remember the reason you started the path of teaching, look for the joy each day. That is certainly a life skill that we can teach our students.


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