Retirement. . . what does that mean?

How can that be? How can 42 years of teaching be complete. . . am I that old? When you think that my first group of second grade students are 50. . .well that pretty much says–time to take it a little easier now.  I love teaching. . . I love every minute of it. . . I love on Monday morning, driving to work . . .thinking how can I mold the lessons this week to make the best and most fun. . . I am not sure who I am without twenty first or second grade students around me.  The thing that keeps me from being so sad, is knowing that I will go back and volunteer or help any way I can.   This certainly is a new chapter in my “book”. I will have more time to write, and I am looking forward to that.  Gardening will keep me busy. Maybe my house will be more organized. . . maybe I will rock those babies in the NICU. . . retirement? I am not sure what that means.  We will just have to see what it will look like for me.


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