Mentoring Lesson, Not Forgotten

Miss Charlotte was my mentor when I started teaching. . . She always seemed to know the right thing to say in any situation. She was as common as an old shoe, and kept everything simple and easy. I walked by her class one day. . . she had a boy out in the hall and was “chewing” him out. She said, “Billy who is the best student in this class?” He quickly replied that he was the best. He made good grades without ever working, but he was cocky, stubborn, quick tempered, and lazy. When she replied that it was Johnny. . . he started laughing and ask how she figured that when he made C’s and D’s. She calmly replied that Johnny worked hard every single day, giving all that he had. He never gave up and encouraged others. He never complained and never wasted time. Then she said, “You tell me who is the best?”  Billy shut his mouth, put his head down, and stumbled back to the classroom.

I have never forgotten that story. . . I shared it with every class after that. . . Are you a Billy? Or a Johnny? We all have different gifts, but giving 100% everyday is the best gift of all.


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