Sometimes. . .

I loved my time at the ALL WRITE CONFERENCE last week. . . Ralph Fletcher was the keynote speaker and presenter!  You just don’t get any better than that.  He invited us to take the first line and last line of his poem, Good Old Days, and make it our own.

“Sometimes I  remember

the good old days. . .”

mom creating one

of her special meals,

bustling around the kitchen. . .

smells of good food whirling

around the house and up the stairs. . .

even out the doors!

The tractor chugging to a

stop by the sidewalk

Door slamming open, then shut.

Water sloshing at the sink

as Dad washes his hands,

drying them on the

old grey/striped towel.

Dishes rattling, oven door slamming

chairs sliding in place

Prayer said.

Voices chattering about the day.

“I still can’t imagine anything

better than that.”


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