Writing Inspiration

Teachers. . . I hope you love teaching the writing/reading connection. Oh how powerful it is. . . the workshop method incorporates the use of mentor text (books, magazine articles, quotes, etc), mini lessons, writing/reading time,  and sharing. . . I have used this for several years and it is amazing that not only are you teaching writing and reading, but the behavior problems just go away. WHY? Because the students love it, they are engaged, and they have choice.  Writing is so powerful in all the subject areas!  Poetry is amazing for every level of writer!

I would recommend that you check out:

Ruth Culham’s The Writing Thief

Pattrick Allen’s Conferring

Ralph Fletcher’s Writing Workshop

Katie Wood Ray’s Wonderous Words

Jeff Anderson’s 10 Things Every Writer Needs to Know

Carl Anderson’s How’s it Going?

Georgia Heard’s Lessons –Climb Inside A Poem

Penny Kittle/Carl Anderson Inside Writing

Ruth Ayres’ Day by Day and Celebrating Writers

Oh. . . I have more!  But this is a good start for the summer. Start now. . . give it a go this fall. . . allow yourself to try and fail. . . start small and build as you go.  The best gift you can give your students is the power of writing!



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