Turning on a dime. . .

Life can turn on a dime. . . .we all know that. It has happened to each and every one of us.

Last December was a typical bustling time.  Days were chocked full of Christmas activities at school and with family.  It was to be my last Christmas with students before I retired.  I was thinking it would extra special, and I would enjoy my time.  We were giving plays for K-1 as rehearsal for the parent performances . . . But my brother had other ideas. An unexpected trip to ER and emergency surgery would mean time out of my classroom.

Plays were postponed, a sub took over the classroom, a PTO member came and did my recess duty. . .  but best of all my brother came through with good news and no major problem! He was there a week or so.  One daughter  had taken care of the puppy. I went back to school and my Nana duties.

So you see, it does take a village to get things done, just roll along life’s road thankful for many blessings, bending like GUMBY. . . hoping tomorrow will be just as exciting, blessed with wisdom and energy to keep rolling along.

. . . AND I got to have Christmas breakfast with Santa and the students!  A Christmas I am sure to remember.


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