Puppy Challenges

What can I say? Puppy challenges are daily. . . OH  MY GOSH! I haven’t experienced that for thirteen years .  I think I have blanked out some of those challenges. What was I thinking–getting a puppy. I have a thirteen year old border collie/Australian shepherd, Lucky.  He is calm (for the most part), slow moving, and sleeps by my feet.  Well. . . I thought I would get a puppy so that he could help train him!!! What was I thinking?

I just went to look at some golden doodle puppies with my neighbor. She had already picked out a girl, Maggie.  I was positively only going to look!  I have always gotten rescue dogs–so I would be safe!!  That was a stupid thought!  You never just go to look. . . that was the same thought we had with Lucky!  There was only one left that wasn’t spoken for    . . . a reddish male.  I fell in love on the spot! He was going to be mine as soon as he was ready to come home.  Now for the name. . .Tevya or Yuri for one of my favorite movies–Fiddler on the Roof. Tevya was an old man. Yuri had beautiful eyes. . . that suited  this puppy . . . YURI.

Yuri is a ball of energy!!! I thought I would have a calm spring break playing/resting with him.  WRONG!  One morning he walked into the bathroom as I was getting ready for the day.  Then when I was leaving, I looked  down. He had gotten the BIC razor off the tub. It was hanging out of his mouth. I got it out and was shocked to see that the head was missing. . . I tried to find it in his mouth. GONE! He had swallowed the razor end. . . Off we went to the animal hospital!  I had quickly looked on the floor, but was hoping it was still back home and not in his tummy.

They took x-rays and sure enough, it was in his tummy. . . in several pieces. Hopefully he would pass them and not need surgery. . . he stayed over night for observation. They gave him bulky food to help it pass. More x-rays. . . pieces were lining up, and hey did not recommend surgery. . . I brought him home. Sorting poop became my vacation focus. Top that for the worst vacation! But I found several pieces. . . He sure didn’t act sickly or stressed. Back for more x-rays. . . HURRAH!  All the pieces were gone.

Three months later, today, I was enjoying my morning shake and watching the news. . . Yuri and I had taken an extra long morning walk. . . he was quietly chewing his bone by my feet . . . or so I thought!  When I looked down, he had chewed the computer charger cord in two pieces. . . the little end was hanging out of his mouth! I retrieved it. . . !

HELP!  I have been told that at a year old, he will be calm and behaved!  I think Lucky was about 4 when that happened.  Yuri has graduated from one training course. . .successfully manages sit, stay, come.  Down is not good. Jumping on people coming in will cause hysteria for five minutes or so.  His is pretty well house trained.

I just retrieved a paper clip from who knows where. . . I really do try and PUPPIFIY my house!   I love my little fur ball  . . . I do have hope for a well trained YURI! Any advice for puppy challenges.


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