What are you thinking?

I did a quick write and my mind just wandered around. . . Have you ever done that? Take ten minutes. . . breathe . . . put the pen to the paper and see where you go.

Gentle breezes, not going back to school,

Next chapter of my life?

Missing Rich!

Shade trees, birds singing, calm

State of our country, state of the world —far from perfect

Who can you trust?

Grandbabies . . .

Cars going by, American flag flapping.

Church parking lot, sounds of tires on street.

blue skies, cool breeze, autumn of my life.

appreciation and gratitude,

skies of blue, clouds of white . . .

oh what a wonderful world.

Cars, trucks, semis whizzing by like ants on a hill. . .

Do any of us know what

the real meaning of life is?

My purpose, my God given talent

was teaching.

Now what???

How do I help my little corner of the world?

Yuri’s (golden doodle) attention span is short!

Maybe mine is as short.

What will my days look like?

What will tomorrow bring?

Breathe! All will be good! There is a plan!

I just need to find it.


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