Just Common Quick Little Stories

I have loved to read stories by Sharon Randall, the syndicated columnist. She writes short stories about family and life. . . just common, ordinary, relateable stories.  I would invite you take a look at her blog.

She is my mentor. . . for example. . .This morning I was folding clothes and took towels into the bathroom.  I noticed a toad swimming in the toilet! We haven’t had rain for days, and I am sure the little guy just wanted water. . . I flushed him to go to the greater water ways.  Wondering how the little guy got in? But my mind was taken back several years.

We had built a new home in a hill. 3/4 of the house is in the hill with windows above ground like a basement. The rest of the house is open and at one end was a car port. The girls had been out in the mud and took their shoes off by the carport door. The next morning, my oldest daughter, Kim, when out to put her shoes on. . . A toad jumped out!

. . .she screamed and ran around to the front door. The toad was hopping right behind her, like he was chasing her. Oh my goodness, she was traumatized.  She has hated toads/frogs ever since.  Years later when pulling up at the university where she works. . . a tree frog had  attached to her car window. . . She was paralyzed. She had to call campus police to come and rescue her.

And just now, another little guy was resting on the toilet handle. . . believe me she will be checking the bathroom out . . . on the lookout for more unwanted guests!


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