Retirement Age, how can that be?

I look at myself and still see someone fairly young. . . feel great, active, loving teaching. But when you stop to think that my first group of second grade students are 50 now . . . it just seemed right to retire.  I am reminded of my age in many ways. . .

I am organizing some of the books that I cherished and kept. I went to get a label maker to label the shelves. The young gal at the store ( couldn’t have been older than 14) was very kind to help me. . . they didn’t look anything like the one I had used a few years ago.  It was a round circle with a handle. You would spin the dial to get  letters and a thin, plastic label would come out. These looked like little mini computers and were more expensive that I wanted to pay. So, I came home to make my little labels out of paper and tape over them.

Or. . . I just texted my grandson so see if he got moved into the State Fair for show this weekend. When he messaged that he had stayed up all night, I replied OMG!. . . His reply was –“I am surprised that you said that!” I figured out that he was thinking OH MY GOD! My version has been OH MY GOSH!!! So you see I need to get the updated version of all these abbreviations.

I bought my second EQUINOX five days ago. . . .Now I have to deal with OnStar, screen to see satellite radio stations, back up screen. I didn’t get leather seats or seat warmers. I didn’t get LED lights. . . just the most basic.  My grandson wanted me to test drive a CORVETTE!

These are on a few examples that remind me — I AM retirement age!  I need to just be happy and embrace it!




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