Never Alone

I woke up this morning with a song on my heart, one of my favorite hymns.. . Never Alone. I have sung that song all my life and loved it, but I FELT  it one evening in a gas station.

Thirty five years ago when Rich was diagnosed with testicular cancer was the scariest time of our lives. We were just on auto pilot and been living in a fog for three or four days. We knew we were headed to IU Hospital for chemo. Rich had had one surgery and was sleeping. I headed home earlier so I could be with my girls and my Mom for her birthday.

I got in the car and it was close to E. Great! I am too tired to do this
. . . but I did. I pulled up by the pump and sat there. I laid my head on the steering wheel . . . How are we going to get through this? Will Rich get better? Will the girls lose their daddy? Will I lose my best friend? How can we fight this? And then this song came to me. .
How many times discouraged,
We sink beside the way;
About us all is darkness, ,
We hardly dare to pray.
Then, thro the mists and shadows
The sweetest voice e’er known
Says, “Child, am I not with thee,
Never to leave thee alone?.
No never alone,
No never alone!
He promised never to leave me,
Never to leave me alone.

Reach out thy hand and find Him,
And lo the clouds have flown;
He smiles on thee who promised,
Never to leave thee alone.

I got out of the car, pumped the gas, went in and paid, and came back outside—-refreshed like I had had eight hours of sleep. I knew then that we would not be alone, come what may. That God would be on this journey with us to help us fight the demon! When you look on the past and wonder how did we come through that. . . it is easy. Human beings just couldn’t. . . but with God by our sides. . . we can move mountains.

Have a great Sunday.


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