Grief . . .

I get tired of telemarketing. I thought I was on the no call list.  For awhile, it seemed to work. . . but now–not so much! I check caller ID and won’t answer if its a out of sate number, one I don’t recognize, or a business that I didn’t initiate the call. For the past two weeks Sears has been calling every day. .  rotating between morning, afternoon, and evening. I finally answered, and it was a recording wanting me to call back about continuing my service agreement for my treadmill. . . or I could cancel. I hung up, not wanting to take the time.

They called again this morning;. I picked up prepared to cancel. It was a live person this time!!! Amazing! She asked to speak to Richard.  I was taken aback, and responded, “He is deceased!”  AND then I lost it. . . fighting back tears that were rolling down my cheek. Trying to stop the sobs coming from my heart! I was falling apart on the phone. Where did that come from? It has been eleven years. I told her just to cancel. She asked if I was okay. She apologized for calling, but she kept talking about the savings I would have. Finally, I squeaked out — okay. I’ll sign up for two more years.  Of course, I had to use the VISA since the Sears card was in Rich’ s name.

I was a mess! Finally she wished me well and I would be in her thoughts and prayers.  I am sure she was thinking that he had recently died. . . explaining why so many calls had been made.  That surely came out of left field!  Most days I think he is still with me. . . in my hear and soul. I don’t think I will ever utter the word deceased again!




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