Listen to Life


Are we on a vicious merry-go-round?

Can you hear the quiet. . . ?

Do you hear noise?


Even now, I can’t just sit and write

in the quiet? WHY?

My soul aches for what??

Actually for quiet. . . .

But when I have it. . . I don’t know what

to do with it.


Perhaps, its the nineteen

little voices I hear all day long.


Mrs. Thacker, can I tell . . . “

Mrs. Thacker, you’ll never guess . . . “

Tommy hit me!”

I love your earrings!”

Can I go to the clinic?”


Little voices needing help. . .

Little voices wanting attention and love.

Little voices just wanting to be noticed. . .



From 8:00-3:00 nineteen little voices

ringing in my ears. . .

sometimes loud or urgent

Sometimes soft, or sad, or mad.

Sometimes excited or giggly. . .

sometimes I think I am on

auditory overload.

But when one little voice is gone,

I miss it, wondering if he/she are okay.


I make the short drive home

To the quiet . . .

For a few seconds or minutes I adjust.

Breathing, breathing, breathing. . .

clock ticking, clock ticking, clock ticking,

Lucky’s nails clicking on the floor.

Water softener. . .

Furnace or AC.


I turn on the music or TV

for noise I guess.

I can’t even tell you what is going on.


Maybe I just want to be noticed. . .

Who will hear my questions?

Who will hear my sorrows?

Who will hear my joys?


Maybe it is just my time to

sit quietly and listen. . .

Listen to life . . .

for the direction . . .

Which path to take next?


Listen to the birds. . .

to the gentle rain. . .

to the wind blowing beneath the pines. . .

Resting. . . listening for guidance and direction.


Do you hear the quiet?

Do you hear the noise?

Listen to Life!



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