A Quiet Place

I was invited to speak at NCTE’s local college group to share my Reading/Writing journey. I shared Douglas Wood’s A QUIET PLACE.  It is illustrated by Dan Andreasen.  I love the message and the illustrations are beautiful. . .  “Sometimes a person needs a quiet place. A place to rest your ears from. . . “.  I gave the students and staff an invitation to write about their quiet place.

Rocking Chair

A rocking chair can provide the best stress releaser of life. . . no worries, no stress, no negativity. . . A rocking chair has to fit just right, even a little creaking sound would be nice. Cuddling with a little one, warm with a fever or just unable to sleep. . . rocking and singing, rocking and cuddling, rocking and rubbing toes and cheeks. All the stress from both souls just disappear. . . only love remains.


We only worked on this as a quick write. . . maybe more will be added later. Other thoughts about quiet places  for me were: Grandma’s bookcase behind the furnace, my room–a refuge from the world, my gazebo –retirement joy!

I will give you the invitation now. . . what is your quiet place?


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