Tailgating in the 50’s and 60’s was somewhat different than now.  We tailgated when it really wasn’t fashionable.  Living on a farm was a great experience and many fun activities:  seeing baby animals being born, working the garden with Mom, and even killing and dressing those dratted chickens! But tailgating was my favorite. . . helping mom fix fried chicken or sandwiches, slicing tomatoes and cucumbers, and snapping/cooking green beans.  Of course, we made pies, cookies, or doughnuts.  AND there were gallons of iced tea.

We would pack everything  . . . even jugs of soapy water to wash hands.  We headed to the field to be there at 12:00 noon. Hopefully, the field would have some trees along the edge for shade. If not, we would sit in the shade of the truck or bake in the sun.  Ed and Dad would wash up as we spread all the fixings on the tailgate.  We would visit about the predicted crop of the spring, or the crop success/failure during harvest. Sometimes Dad and Ed would stretch out on the truck bed or on the ground for a few minutes of rest before heading back to work. Tailgating  was a time of rest, nourishment, and memory making!

My fun times of tailgating. . . what about yours?



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