The Worst Job Ever

Mentor Text: Paper Boy by Dave Pilkey- The author tells a story of a young boy on his paper route. . . getting up early, biking along with his dog, back to the house while the rest of the family is getting up for the day. He goes back to bed and finds the bed still warm. How can that be? I ALWAYS think of this story when I get up in the night and come back to the warm bed. . . Dave Pilkey nailed it!! After sharing the story with students I give an invitation to write about a job they have had.

The worst job I ever had at home was gathering the eggs!  I hated putting my hand under that warm, fat, fluffy hen!  YIKES!  . . . I might get pecked. Nothing doing!  SO . . .  I would pull on the roosting bar and SHAKE!!! All the hens would fly out of the nesting spot.A few eggs rolled out.  Then I would happily go along and gather the eggs out of the roosts. Carefully placing them in the wire basket.

Mom would always look at me with raised eyebrows. . . wondering why I NEVER gathered as many eggs as she would.  When she asked me about it one day. . . I answered,”Hmmm they must not have eaten enough today, or they were too tired, or they were just being lazy.  I wonder if she ever knew? I am pretty sure the few that had fallen out of the roost onto the floor and broken would be a clue. . . even if I had scuffed the straw over it.  That was the WORST job ever!

What was your worst job?


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