Favorite Character

Mentor text: Curious George

Kindergarten, first, and second grade students love Curious George!  What a little character he is. He always gets in trouble, even though he tries so hard to avoid it.

My mother thought I had a lot of the same characteristics. . . curious like George. . . or just plain determined.  Determination can be a very good quality. . . sometimes.  But I guess I was a wild child back in the day. . . when I was very little.  Well, maybe not WILD, just curious.  Trouble could find me too.

I am sure it was my brother’s idea (He was 11 months older) to pour catsup and cream on the kitchen floor and skate in it.  We were supposed to be taking a nap while mom worked in the garden. Imagine her surprise when she walked in and saw us practicing our Olympic spins.

Scratching Mom’s brand new coffee table with a safety pin was not one of my brighter moments. . . I must have thought it looked plain and my artistic design would improve it. Mom was NOT impressed!

I don’t remember looking at that golden jar in the back room. . . but Mom loved telling the story of my curiosity of the gleaming, golden liquid. . . I poured it on my head for a nice shampoo one day. . . but that sticky stuff wasn’t bubbling up like it should. . . it was very sticky. . . not HONEY!  Varnish!!! Oh my goodness. . . I don’t know how she got it out. She never shared that with me.

I will give you an invitation to write. . . .what character do you relate to?


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