Seasons of My Life

SPRING . . .

Farm life, 4-H, school

Learning about friendships-drama, peer pressure

Standing up for what I thought was right

Surviving bullying,  sadness, suicide attempt

Personal relationship with God began

Soaking up knowledge like a sponge

SUMMER . . .

Finding love, best friend, encourager

Letter while he serves in Vietnam

College, working hard, completing teaching degree

Wedding. . . simple and lovely/ family and friends

First home . . . small, affordable, cozy

Babies: two  adodrable, wonderful daughters

Build house- find jobs, loving each other

CANCER HITS HUBBY! Survival mode

Fall . . .

Life’s battles, fighting hard

Small joys fill life. . . just resting, breathing, loving

Holding hands, resting in courtyard, hard times

Loss of best friend

Promises to keep

Weddings. . . .career successes . . . Writing excitement

Two grandsons . . . love beyond words.

Finishing one career.

Looking back with more questions than answers.

Pondering past decisions

Enjoying life’s blessings

Often bittersweet tears flowing down my cheeks.

Winter . . 

What is in store for me?

Alone, but not lonely

Where will life’s path lead me?

Memories of days gone by. . . the sunshine that warms my soul!


Invitation to write: What has happened in your life seasons. . . what are your dreams?


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