Knight in Shining Armor

I was lost, my heart ached.
I was weary and confused.
Why had God given me life
not once, but twice.
What was my purpose?
My prayer was that God would
send me someone that could love me. . .
That would make me feel special.
Someone that I would love,
I would make feel special.
My knight drove a 54 green chevy pickup.
Wore blue jeans and white t-shirt
Curly hair. . .
A smile as wide as from the
Mississippi to the east coast.
A Mr. Atlas want ta be!
A chuckle that would rumble
into an infectious laugh.
Heart that was good and pure
A patriot, even then.
My knight wore the armor. . . of faith!
The answer to my prayer.
A knight driving a 54 green chevy pickup!
He made me a better me.
He took care of me.
He loved me!
We laughed.
We cried.
We loved.
Two imperfect youngsters
growing up together
with a PERFECT love!
My knight in shining armor!

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