Testicular Cancer

November is Men’s Health Awareness. . . Today Show had great information from Dr. Oz on how to do this self exam. Wives insist your husbands do this. Moms insist that you boys  . . . fifteen and older, do this exam.  Testicular cancer has a cure rate of 98% IF caught early.  A normal HCG count is about 3-5.  When my husband was diagnosed in 1981, his count was over 26,000.  Ten years before the cure rate was 0%.  Thank you so much to Dr. Lawrence Einhorn and his team at Indiana University for developing the chemotherapy treatment protocol that was so successful.  Rich had rounds of bleomycin, velban, and the magical platinum.

Rich had to have two rounds of treatment and be in the hospital each time to be on IV. . .treatment was so hard on the body.  His tumor  had spread to the lungs and abdominal cavity.  He was able to return to teaching after that.  It truly was the worst of times and yet the best of times.  Dr. Einhorn warned us that we would either fall apart or fall together.  Many couples that we met from all over the country fell apart. . . with God’s grace  we fell together and fought the battle of life!



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