Lessons of life. . .

Lessons in life come from many places. . . from family and friends, from little children, from nature, in churches, on a variety of programs. Today while doing my Wii step aerobics, I was watching the Waltons. The new minister had come to the mountain and was 21 years old. He was certainly talented in speaking the truth from the Bible, but his way was harsh, yelling, repentance was key to life. Now that is so true, but sometimes we can scare people away from what we are trying to say, by the way that we say them.  There were many lessons going on, as it always seems with the Waltons.  John Boy was questioning doing wrong when trying to do right. . . as a writer he was trying to ponder the whole concept. . . Pa encourages him to keep writing, to keep pondering, to keep on trying to do the best that he can. Wise words.  The poor preacher was related to the Baldwins and went to visit before the tent meeting that was scheduled. You know what happened. He and Grandpa had way too much of the recipe, that never seemed to affect the ladies.  All the people on the mountain were ready for him to stop being a minister before he ever really got started. John and John Boy escorted him into the tent that Sunday morning . . . with the message that we are all sinners, shouldn’t cast stones, and be more forgiving. . . another good lesson for us to remember. 

What is a life lesson that you have found?


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