Music . . .

What kind of music do you enjoy? Something soft and soothing? Something jivy and bouncy?  Something old that you enjoyed in your teens? Gospel? Country? Rock and Roll? Pop? Contemporary? Music is a wonderful gift. . . you can find the right kind for the right mood.

I love soft quiet, music and have it playing in my school room at all times. . . I play different instrumentals so that the children can enjoy piano, guitar, harp, saxophone.  It seems to make a homey, relaxed environment for learning.

One of my husband’s favorite movies, Shawshank Redemption, exemplified the importance of music. The main character locked himself in the warden’s office and played  classical music over the announcement system. . . it echoed over the entire prison.  For a few minutes the prisoners and staff were taken away by the beautiful music, touching their hearts and souls . . . taking them away for a few minutes from life’s craziness to somewhere they loved.  That moment took my breath away.

So, today while life’s craziness is all around you. . . I am sure it is.  Take time, find the right kind of music for your soul. Sit back, enjoy it, bathe in it . . . let it touch your soul.  Something soft and soothing? Something jivy and bouncy? Music is a wonderful gift!

What is the music that fills your soul?



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