December Book Picks

I love sharing poetry and books with children at school. I share the books and then give them an invitation to write.  They always put a magical spin and love standing on the shoulders of great authors.  If you have children or grandchildren or just for yourself. . . you can’t go wrong with these.

l.  MANGER by Lee Bennett Hopkins, Illustrations by Helen Cann.  Different kinds of animals get a chance to share what they would like to give on that Christmas morning so long ago.

2.  Winter Bees and Other Poems of the Cold  by Joyce Sidman and Rick Allen. Lovely poems on one side and important non fiction facts on the other side of each page.

3.  OUR BIG HOME by Linda Glaser, Art by Elisa Kleven.  Reading Rainbow Book. . . message is that we all share the world–people, plants, animals. . . be kind and respectful to all. Great message we all should take to heart.

4.  SNOWMEN AT NIGHT by Caralyn Buehner, pictures by Mark Buehner.  Great book for creativity and imagination. . . What do the snowmen do at night?




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