Never Alone

January 2, 2008

Forty years ago Rich joined the Air Force. He had mixed emotions . . . ½ of him wanted to go and serve our country as his father had done in World War II.  The other ½ wanted to go home and put his head under a blanket.  He hoped by going that he could protect our country . . . that his four brothers would never have to go.  He said he never really worried about dying . . . maybe because he was so young and felt untouchable.  I think it was more his belief in God . . .  He would be with him every minute of every day . . . no matter what the end result would be.

After  visiting Uncle Wayne today, I came home to write this . . . diagnosed with fast growing lung cancer . . . maybe weeks left.  What would you think about if you knew you had days/weeks to live?  Would you contemplate all that you had done/not done on the journey of life?  Would you think about those that had gone on before?   Would you think about all the things that you wished you could say to your family and friends?


Church Hymn: How many times discouraged, we sink beside the way; about us all is darkness, we hardly dare to pray. Then thro’ the mists and shadows, the sweetest voice e’er known, Says, “Child, am I not with thee, Never to leave thee alone?”

Oh, soul, hast thou forgotten the tender word and sweet of Him who left behind Him the print of bleeding feet?  “I never will forsake thee, Oh, child so weary grown; Remember, I have promised Never to leave thee alone”

Take courage way worn pilgrim! Tho’ mists and shadows hide the face of him thou loves, He’s ever at thy side.  Reach out thy hand and find Him, and lo, the clouds have flown: He smiles on thee who promised Never to leave thee alone.


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