The Good Old Days. . .

Ralph Fletcher has been to the ALL WRITE conference (Warsaw, Indiana/month of June) many times.  I always enjoy going to his sessions. He shared his The GOOD OLD DAYS poem and invited us to take the first and last lines of his poem and create our own.  That is what mentor text does. . . stands on the shoulders of the great writers. Ralph Fletcher is definitely one of them.

Sometimes I remember 

the good old days. . . 

I can remember

sitting by Grandpa Brown,

rocking in his glider,

smelling the smoke from his pipe,

snuggling close to him,

watching the fireflies blinking on and off

and waiting for him to say,

Let’ s get some watermelon.

I still can’t imagine

Anything better than that.

Now you can give it a try.  . .with your GOOD OLD DAYS!!!


I will say I have used this in the elementary classes and you get poems that touch your heart!. . . Ex, Sometimes I remember the good old days/ before the divorce/ when mom and dad still loved each other/ we laughed/ we went on vacations/ we were a family/ I still can’t imagine/ anything better than that! Written by a second grade student.


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