When I got Really, Really Angry . . .

I haven’t written much the past month. . . focusing on other goals that I made in the New Year . . . all have gone well, but how do you balance time for everything is still a struggle for me.  Getting back in school and meeting/coaching my little ones brings me such joy.

The mentor text this week: When Sophie Gets Really, Really Angry by Molly Bang. After hearing the story, the students were invited to write what makes them angry and how to they recover. . . Of course, I was writing along side my students.

When Mrs. Thacker got angry, really, really angry. . . it was a long time ago.  I was fifteen or so and I nearly lost my top. . . with my dad.  I don’t remember why, but as soon as I saw him drive down the road, I went over to his desk. . . I pulled out the top right drawer and    S  L  A  M!  The front fell off the drawer.  OH NO!  I was going to be in real trouble!  I carefully took everything out and  laid it all on top of the desk in neat little piles.  Then I got some Elmer’s glue and glued the front back on.  I stood the drawer up on end, and I got six or seven encyclopedias to pile on and hold the front in place.  Then I waited and waited and waited.  I paced and paced and paced!

Those two hours were an eternity!  I looked out the window as I paced. Finally, I saw our car turn the corner!  YIKES!. . . I quickly put up the encyclopedias. I carefully put the drawer back in the desk. . . piles back in the right spot. I shut the drawer oh so carefully      . . . very c a r e f u l l y, praying Dad wouldn’t need in there for any reason.

Then I ran in the living room, jumped on the couch and grabbed a book pretending to read. He came in and went to his bedroom to change his clothes. He didn’t say a word. I didn’t either. He changed into his work clothes and went outside. WOWWWW! I breathed! I was sure hoping the commercials were right about Elmer’s Glue.  But . . . I felt awful! My temper had gotten the best of me. I had almost destroyed something of my dad’s.  I knew then I had to get a grip on the way I reacted. Maybe I grew up a little that Saturday afternoon. I told Dad the story. . . fifty years later!!!

Slamming cupboard doors happened a few times in my married life on weak moments.  I try to listen to quiet music, write, breathe, and think about my blessings when things frustrate me.  . . . .Sometimes it works.:)

My invitation to write: When were you really, really angry? How do you recover from your anger?


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