Battles of Life

I loved seeing the bright sunshine this morning even if on 31 degrees. . . watching the news, drinking coffee, and Yuri on my lap. . . .getting ready to start the day. I was wondering what to write about for my devotional journal. Then Reba came on and sang, “Back to God”. . . really a beautiful song. . .
“dark days, is it too late, you gotta get down on your knees, believe
. . . keep on praying. Pound the floor and scream. . . His name. Cause we’re worth saving. . . .can’t go on like this. . . can’t live like this. . . can’t love like this . . .”
All true, BUT I don’t think we need to give the world back to God. It is His. . . it has always been His. . . It will always be His. Yes, we need to scream and shout and fight for us to get back to Him.
I remember when Rich was in his first days battling cancer. His cancer was inoperable then. Soft ball sized tumors on lungs, football sized tumor in abdominal cavity. Drs. gave us hope (98% chance of recovery) if he responded positively with chemo . . . big IF. . .
I had stayed with him and was going home to be with the girls one evening. Fear crept in my brain. . . .Satan was there pounding my head saying “It isn’t going to work. Rich is dying and you are going to lose him. Prepare yourself!” Over and over he said this. . . as if he was sitting on my shoulder and whispering in my ear. I screamed driving up 69, pounding on the dash of the car. . . I don’t believe you! Get away from me! Get out of my car!– I DON’T BELIEVE YOU!!!!
God is in charge!!!
I must have looked like a crazy woman. It is a wonder no one called the police to come and take this crazy woman away. This went on for 10-15 minutes. . .screaming, crying, pounding. . . then I felt amazing peace!
Maybe we all need to pound the floor. . . or the dash!  Hope for us, for our country!
( After two rounds (8) treatments . . . those softball sized tumors on his lungs were the size of pearls. The football sized tumor was the size of a softball. . . he would have the operation to remove them. . . now you just tell me who was in charge.) With God, nothing is impossible!

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