Changeable Indiana February

Snowy February 2010


Excitement,  looking out the window

Listening to the news. . . will Chuck get it right?

Are we going to miss school tomorrow?

The call comes. . . no school tomorrow,  Feb 9th

Make it up in May. OH WELL. . .


Snow blowing, wind howling, did everyone make it to work

I am safe, but Mom gene’s worry about everyone else

Work goes on for some

What to do today?  TV, clean, read . . . Feb 10th
Make it up in June. OH Well . . .


Possibly today? No, main roads are better

Back roads are terrible, wind blowing,

Another day, getting sick of the cold and snow

Gladly ship it to Vancouver, we don’t need any more . . .Feb 11

Make it up in June. OH Well . . .


Call comes in for a two hour delay.  . .

Fog, but there is hope. Planning what to do,

Head out early to get ahead of busses just in case roads are one lane.

Snow-covered, Slick, bumpy,

Walk in my classroom, excited to be back

Phone rings. . . have called it off

Make it up in June. OH WELL. . .  Feb 12


I need an attitude adjustment . . . can’t change Mother Nature

We take it as it comes and look for the silver lining.

Rested, papers graded, books read,

Family all made it out and about when they needed to. . . safe and sound

The fog and frozen frostiness this morning was beautiful. . . sun shining

And snow glistening. . . share a birthday lunch with brother, Ed.

Oh well . . . we’ll make it up in June and give thanks for a beautiful winter day. . .

Hoping for a better week next week.

*How different February 2017 is in Indiana!!


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