Dying. . .

SshhhshhhBah. . . . SshhhshhhBah  . . .  SshhhshhhBah. The quiet, soft sound of the oxygen machine brings calmness to the room. Wilma, my mother-in-law,  is lying peacefully, sweet hands under her head . . . her voice is quiet and angelic as always.

Dying is hard work. . . the helplessness rips at your heart. . . if there was only something we could do. . . praying that God wraps His arms around her and take her home quickly —if she can’t get better.

SshhhshhhBah. . . . SshhhshhhBah  . . .  SshhhshhhBah

Children and grandchildren come to visit. All with their own memories, laughing with tear filled eyes.  Wanting to hug her, kiss her, and hold her.  . . Knowing they will keep those memories in their hearts forever.

SshhhshhhBah. . . . SshhhshhhBah  . . .  SshhhshhhBah

Wilma agrees to take meds to help her rest. . . minutes tick by and calmness comes for awhile. Then, more restlessness. Nurses encourage her to take a sleeping pill.  “No, no. . . I don’t believe so,” she replies. They change and position her . . . the clock ticks ever so slowly.

SshhhshhhBah. . . . SshhhshhhBah  . . .  SshhhshhhBah

The night is long. “I’m restless,” she sighed. “I feel pinned down, my legs are heavy.” Nurses come and turn her from side to side . . . ever so gently.  They rub her head.  “ I guess this is just part of dying,” she whispers.

SshhhshhhBah. . . . SshhhshhhBah  . . .  SshhhshhhBah

Then in the early morning hours. . . calmness comes. Sitting with a dying loved one, waiting, wondering when God’s gentle hand will take her home.  I feel confident that Rich will be there, along with many other loved ones, and walk her to the other side.

SshhhshhhBah. . . . SshhhshhhBah  . . .  SshhhshhhBah

Oh what must it be like in heaven?? Our minds can’t comprehend it.  We do know for sure, it will be grand. . . no more sickness, sorrow, or pain!  I love my mother-in-law!

SshhhshhhBah. . . . SshhhshhhBah  . . .  SshhhshhhBah


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