By Mrs. Thacker

Mentor text by Leo Lionni–Dedicated to Joseph, my writing buddy.


Four field mice working

Hard every day.

Frederick seems off task,

No work done. . . EVER!  Why?


The four complained.

The four whined!

The four yelled.

They did not understand him!


. . . . Frederick

Continued doing his own thing.

Gathering the sun’s rays,

Gathering colors.

Gathering words!


Winter came— blowing in cold,

Freezing, and gray.


The little mice happily had

Corn, wheat, and nuts

For a few days.


When all that was gone,

FREDERICK! They called.

NOW, where is your supply?


Frederick, the poet had words

full of images and warmth.

They could almost feel

The summer sun. . .


Frederick’s job was different from the rest.

But all were important.

Life takes all of us

Working, together. . .

Doing all our jobs

The best that we can. . .

Giving a 100% !

. . . that will make a great family,

classroom, or country!



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