Cancer Is Evil

Mentor Text. . . Rudy’s Pond by Eve Bunting

Cancer is such an evil disease.  Sometimes it creeps up on the person silently, stalking them, until it is too late for the treatments to work.  Sometimes cancer comes fast. . . hitting the person like a train, wrecking their lives.  But they get to the doctor early, and treatments can control and destroy it.

Sometimes cancer patients battle for years, determined to be in charge, to be the master over the evil. The cancer patients AND families suffer together, battle together, and hopefully. . . win! Victorious over the monster.

The doctors, nurses, and other hospital workers are angels sent to help with the battles. Cancer has no respect. . . everyone can be a target—young or old, rich or poor, man or woman!

Prayers, family , and a positive attitude will help in the fight.  We will battle on until one day the war will be won. . . and cancer will be no more!. . . Here or in Heaven! Prayers!


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