Mentor Text: My Grandma and Me by P.K. Hallinan

I have learned so many things from my grandmas and my husband’s. I loved them all, and I have fond memories that keep them close to my heart. I only hope and pray that my two grandsons will feel the same way.

My Grandma Johnson and I . . . would love to look at the buttons in her box. . . sorting and resorting them for hours. She would tell such wonderful stories about the clothes that once held them. OR we would mix, bake, and eat the soft molasses cookies. . . Or I would sit beside her in church, and she would follow the hymns with her finger so I could follow along and learn to read. She made baby dolls out of handkerchieves to rock and keep my attention.

My Grandma Brown and I . . . we would play the piano and she would teach me how to play smoother with the correct timing. . . Beautiful Dreamer was a favorite.  She would call me to come and help with the farm hands. She needed me to help fix the food and serve the hot, hungry men. . . I thought I was big stuff.  She ALWAYS fixed too much bacon! It was magical, the best ever. . . or maybe it was just because Grandma made it.  She would have books from mom and her sisters and let me read them. . . I was in HEAVEN.  One day she said they were mine to take home. I felt so proud!

My  Great Grandma Cheeseman and I. . . we would sit at the kitchen table and talk and talk. We would eat slices of bread with butter and sugar for an after nap snack. . . or pickles. She always had a jar of pickles on the table. She lived in a little town and would let me walk downtown all by myself to get the mail. or we would walk downtown together and get a lemon phosphate at the drugstore, sitting on the swiveling seats at the counter.

My Great Grandma Brown and I . . . we would sit in the room by the coal stove and be warm as toast in the winter.  We would sit and talk, and I would look at all the “pretties” that she had in the corner cupboard.. . . little salt/pepper shakers, toothpick holders, and other glass do dads.  It was fun to get water on the back porch. . .just flip a light switch and the pump would go up and down until the water came out into the sink.  She loved to take lots and lots of pictures with her old Brownie camera with giant  bulbs.

My husband’s grandmothers and I. . . Grandma Dixon and I would sit and talk of the good old days . . .swinging on that wonderful porch swing with the high back. You could lay your head back and just enjoy the summer breeze.  She would always have the best tapioca pudding ready for a treat.  Grandma Clark and I would talk about gardening. She definitely had a green thumb.  Her advice was to make some manure tea to put on the plants.. . she had stories to tell about my father in law that would make us all laugh!


Grandmas are the best. . . what about yours!  What will your grandchildren remember about you.  Take time to spend with them. . . they need that more than they need THINGS.


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