Life’s Lessons

Mentor Text: magazine clip- I cannot prevent . . .

“I cannot prevent

Birds of sorrow

from passing over my head

. . . But I can

keep them from

building a nest

in my hair!”

Oh, how I wanted to

prevent the sorrow

of my husband’s

cancer fight!

We didn’t want that

for our two daughters

. . . but it was real.

Hourly, daily, weekly–

then monthly, yearly battles.

Couldn’t stop it!

Unexpected ambulance runs,

Days/nights with

with wonderful grandparents.

Routines broken.

Dad: weakness, throwing up,

loss of hair, fogginess.

Hard to see, hard to watch.

What to feel?

Mom: trying to be the rock

. . . being two places at


One night at hospital

next back to teaching

and home with girls.

When present. . .

MIA, it seemed.

Feeling guilty

no matter where. . .

battling finances,

lesson plans, being tough!

Don’t want this

for our family

. . . no one does.

We are no more special

than anyone else.

We  battled on!

Given strength, support, and love.

Family and friends

helping and praying.

Never promised

a perfect life

without trials!

But always given

God’s promise

to be by our sides

during the walk

down life’s road!

The worst time/the best time!

Maybe that was the lesson

. . . for all of us!







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