In March

Mentor Text: In November by Cynthia Rylant

In March. . . the world seems to

wake up from a

long winter’s nap.

The cool nights turn

warmer days.

Sunshine brings

hope and joy.

Flowers begin to

burst through the ground.

Grass turns from ugly brownish gray

to flecks of bright green popping up.

Farms are coming to life . .

Baby animals ready to  be born.

Machinery is checked, cleaned, and repaired

for the planting season.

Birds fly back. . .

chirping loudly.

Geese honking overhead.

Plans are made. . .

Hopes are high!

Children (and teachers) are filled

with excitement about SPRING BREAK!

Sometimes Easter is in March . . .

Family dinners and the aroma of ham or

yeast rolls fill the air.

Children race around,

hunting Easter eggs.

March is a wonderful time of year!


Writing Invitation. . . what is your favorite month of the year?


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