Messy or Perfect?

Messy or Perfect?

Sometimes we are too quick to help others when we see them struggling. But when we rush to help, we are really saying— here let me show you that I can do it better than you. . . maybe that wasn’t the intention, but it was the interpretation. I had a little guy that could not use scissors. . . . he just couldn’t cut. I sat down with him and said, “You’re not going to be able to do this if you don’t try.” His reply, “ My mom does my cutting, because mine is messy, and hers is perfect.”
Do we need perfect.. . there is learning in the struggle. I never helped him cut in the two years that I had him. . Whatever he did, he did/ and it was OKAY! Trying our personal best is what is required.. Does it matter if the rolls were shaped perfectly? Or, if the bread was sliced evenly? Or, the cheese cut in slices rather than cubes? Or, if the clothes always matched when little ones dressed themselves? We can see projects perfectly done by parents. But let the students work, learn, create on their own. A kid project is better, much better, when done by the child. Be there to guide, support, and encourage. Life is messy at best–never perfect.


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