Quiet Places

Quiet Places
Head on Rich’s shoulder,
holding his hands,
listening to his breathing
unaware of any other sound
. . . just breathing.
Thackerville with my
writing buddies. . .
listening to soft music, WRITING!
Creating, loving my profession.
Brimley Michigan. .
sitting in the screened-in porch
High above the pine trees,
Smelling the evergreens,
hearing the fog horns,
Seeing Canada!
Gazebo. . . on a summer night
listening to the crickets,
and crackling fire. . . .
Wondering where life will
lead me ???
What will be the next chapter!
Quiet places. . . we all need them. . .
just to sit and listen!
And be. . . pondering love and life.
Where are your quiet places???

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