Prisons Would Palaces Prove

Our minister spoke Sunday about Paul and Silas being persecuted for their beliefs. . . thrown in prison. . . not matter where you are. . . “prisons would palaces prove if Jesus would dwell with me there.”
When Rich was in the hospital, the final stay, he had to share a room for a bit. his roommate was ranting and raving. . . Nurses were trying to deal with him. We felt bad for him, but it was very unsettling for us. We wanted to leave, but were rather pinned in. But an angel just happened to appear at the very moment we were sure to lose it.
Wynn Lembright from Taylor University walked in. We spoke for a few minutes, and we heard a tray crash against the wall. He asked if he could pray with us! His soft, gentle, kind words began and we had PEACE. . . we were “taken away”! We could breathe and relax. When he was finished, the roommate had left. A couple of nurses were at the door with tears in their eyes. Wynn knew what to say, how to say it, and the time needed for peace to be found–I will never forget that! Our “prison” had certainly turned into a palace. . . Jesus was there!

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