Potters . . .

Why do I write. . . I don’t know except that it brings me joy. I sometimes seem driven, while other times so afraid of failing.  I write for me! PERIOD! If anyone else enjoys it . . . then that is certainly icing on the cake.


This morning I thought of all the wise people that have been a fountain of my life (Proverbs 13:14) . . . ones that shaped me.  All that we are today. . . we were shaped by many, many family members and friends that guide us through good times and tragic times.  I really don’t believe things are happen chance, but part of God’s big picture.  The miracle of life is that they were all here for us.. . . lives could have been lost (war, disease, suicide, or any number of issues).  . . times could have been different.


But for us to be here as we are. . . miracles happened. . . The list is very long for me.. . . so many that are close to my heart that I dare not start listing for fear I would leave someone out. If I took a day to thank each, to think about each, to remember stories about them. . . I would be well into my 90’s.  Ponder those “potters” in your life that helped shape you!!



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