Your “Mountain” Place

Where Is Your Mountain?

Marilyn King wrote about a mountain behind her house where she would go to find peace and calmness. . . “Whatsoever things are lovely. . . think on these things”

Phil 4:8.

Every home has a “mountain” — a place around or near your home. We don’t have to go miles, but we need the calming, mind resting, pressure escaping place. . . just to sit quietly, reflecting, hoping, praying, believing. . . where is your mountain? When I was younger and at home. . . I would go upstairs in my room and get lost in a book and read for hours, or in the basement at Grandma’s house behind the furnace with a book.  In college I would go and sit in Christy Woods, the college campus wooded area. I could sit and be whisked away. . . and for a few minutes I would be sitting with my love in Owen County. . . even if he was miles away, in Vietnam. Now I sit in my gazebo and enjoy the calmness and peace.
Zac Brown Band is playing . . . (perfect timing) . . “I’ve got everything I need and nothing I don’t. . .?”  Peace and contentment are worth more than all the money in the world. . . I am blessed. . . I am RICH!


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