May 23, 1947. . . Today would have been Rich’s seventieth birthday!  Amazing! It just wasn’t in God’s plan.  I posted several pictures. . . many commented how Brock and AJ resembled him

. . . I thought so, but thought it was just me.  I think about going to the cemetery. . . I know he isn’t there.  Where and what do I do to feel closer to him?  Lunch at Red Lobster?  Mow and care for our church that he loved dearly? A walk through Christy Woods, our “Owen County,” get away during college?  Resting in the courtyard that he loved. . . a shaded, peaceful, escape from the world.  This evening will be a ballgame watching Brock.


I know I don’t need to go anywhere  to be with him. He is with me always, because his love is in my heart.  That was the biggest surprise in his death.  I thought I would have to stop loving him when he died—SO NOT TRUE. . . my love continues every day!  We said for ALWAYS!


In his last days, he wanted me to promise three things. . . . 1.  Mow the weeds under his red Chevy! :), 2,  No flowers on his grave, but always put an American Flag, and 3. Be Happy!  I have kept all three promises.  My family, friends, students, have brought me much happiness and joy in these twelve years since Rich left.
This travel of grief is a personal journey.  . . you can’t avoid it, go around it, or try and skip it. . . . You just have to muddle through the best you can. No one can do it for you. BUT know that the love you felt will last . . . ALWAYS!!!


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