Dogs Are Man’s Best Friends

Dogs are man’s best friends. .  Uncle Don gave us a little mixed beagle puppy for our wedding.  Critter stole our hearts.  She watched outside at the Spencer Farm, had one litter, and made the moved back here to the Ranch in Delaware County.  Several years later we had very little money,and when she was ill, we had to love her enough to let her go. . . We were all broken hearted.


Riley, Golden Retriever/shepherd mix was our next fur baby. . . that even got to come and live inside.  My brother thought I had lost my mind, but I was starting  a new teaching adventure (Multi Age class of K, 1, and 2 students in the same room).  Riley became my relaxation buddy. . . The love between him and the girls was apparent.  He lived to be 14. . . he was blind and Rich was too ill to take care of him while I still taught.  The decision was made.  Jon Hatcher had held his dog, Serendipity when Seren  left this life. . . I thought then, that no way could I do that. . . but I did!  I held Riley in my arms as he slipped away.  I was sobbing when I walked out . . . my buddy was gone.


A month later we saw the article of the Border Collie/Australian mix puppies born in a snow drift on a state highway. . . three puppies survived.   Rich immediately wanted to go look at them.  I DID NOT want another dog yet. . . I was still grieving Riley. . . but I knew Rich would enjoy the company!  So, we went to just look!  Any dog lover knows that you don’t just go and look.  . . Lucky would be ours as soon as he was old enough.  Rich got to be with him for a little over a year. . . .when he passed away, Lucky became my protector.  He is 13 ½ and doing well. . . .moving a little slower, like me.


Somehow I got the idea that I needed a puppy–a Goldendoodle!  What was I thinking?  Yuri became mine after a just “look and see” trip.  He will be two in September. . . my lap dog.  I can’t imagine life without a dog to sit beside me, on my lap, or at my feet as I read and write.  Definitely God’s companions for us when we need them.


I Tim 4:4  . . .For every creature of God is good,  and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving.”  Some people have told me that animals don’t go to Heaven, because they have no soul.  I certainly am not smart enough to know the answer. . . but my heart says that Riley is walking with Rich in Heaven!!

I invite you to write your fur baby stories!


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