I attended my great nephew, Derek’s wedding this afternoon. It was simple and elegant—outdoors on a beautiful sunny day with puffy white clouds in the blue sky. Derek’s best man was his six year old son, Jaxson. Lella’s twelve year old son walked her into a circle of family and friends. Afterwards, there was a meal and much laughter, hugs, and well wishes. There was a Jenga game for us all to write something for the bride and groom. . . advice or memory.
What do you say? What advice do you give? How can you put into words what is in your heart?
1. Love is doing, not just saying
2. Love is waking up every day and doing something for the other one that will make his/her day better.
3. Love is seeing to the needs and desires of your spouse first and foremost.
4. Love is patient.
5. Love is kind.
6. Love is from the heart, the soul.
7. Love is the blending of two people into one joyous union.
8. Love is honest, sure, and steadfast.
9. Love is the feeling that pours out even when you aren’t with the other one.
10. Love is for ALWAYS!
So what can you put on a Jenga block? Love like there is no tomorrow–one day there won’t be.

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