Our Comfort, Our Courtyard

I sit in my gazebo, my quiet place, my haven/heaven from the world. I look into the courtyard at the end of my house. The pine trees give it shade. The day lilies, hostas, and sweet peas give it a serene look of nature. I am reminded of those days when Rich would lay on his lounge chair in the shade. . . straw hat over his eyes, Kitty on his belly. He would ponder life or just rest. He often asked me to join him, but it always seemed that I had something pressing to do: meals, laundry, school planning.
But the summer of 2004, I did just that. We sat in the shade, listening to the wind blowing in the pines. We would talk, listen to 60’s music, laugh, and love our time on this little acre of land. We would think over our lives, the journey of life–its ups and downs. We didn’t know it would be his last summer then. But it was, and I am so glad that I could relax and enjoy time with him.
Rich taught me a lot about fear and trust, life and love, struggle and strength. He certainly made me a better me when I was with him.
How many times discouraged
We sink beside the way
About us all is darkness
We hardly dare to pray
Then through the mists and shadows
The sweetest voice er’ known
Says, “Child am I not with thee
Never to leave thee alone.
No never alone
No never alone
He promised never
to leave me
Never to leave me alone.

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