Signs: Look Left, Right, Up, and Down

Eric Fellman wrote about fishing in the Chesapeake Bay with a friend. They would cruise around and stop.  His friend always seemed to know where the fish were, even though Eric had not seen any signs of them.  When he asked how he knew, his friend replied, “The birds were circling–they see a school of fish!”  It worked every time . . .who who would have thought looking up when fishing??


Eric’s message: If you can’t figure out something, look right and left, up and down,  Breathe. Listen.  Somewhere there will be a sign to make your problem easier.  

Eric’s prayer: “Lord, give me eyes to see and ears to hear the signs You put in my life today!”


Have you ever been frustrated trying to figure out a major problem in life?  You want the answer right now!  The more you fixate on the problem, the more anxious or angry you get.  Do you ever give up–This is just  too hard, impossible for me?  I HAVE!


Oh, this was so spot on for me today!  I love then that happens.  I am quite aware of the problem and even the solution, but I can’t get a handle on it.  Oh, I have tried countless solutions and none have worked very long–successes were short lived.  My brain is saying – YOU CAN’T–IMPOSSIBLE!  My heart is saying “I’m Possible!” The battle rages on.  Maybe my determination will win out this time.  Maybe I can sit quietly today, looking for signs or messages from God on what to do next.  How to fight this battle?  I will breath! Sit quietly. Ponder. Look right and left, up and down.  I know the answer is there because He promised: Matthew 19:26.


Thank you Eric, for your words of wisdom. I pray for strength and wisdom as I battle along this path.  What is your battle today?  Stop, breathe, listen, look.  The answer is there!


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