Heaven. . .

Heaven. . . we are all curious about Heaven. . . I am sure it will be magnificent.  Isabel Wolseley wrote wondering there would be yellow roses, verbena, or hollyhocks?  Will there be homemade ice cream, juicy watermelon, or cinnamon/honey baklava?  AJ asked why Pap didn’t take his red Chevy to Heaven, and would he miss us as much as we miss him?  Dakota wrote about a friend, Lance, . . . what would he be doing in Heaven on Christmas.  We all have visions in our mind.  I’m pretty sure Mom would be hoeing in the heavenly garden. Dad would be in the choir, and Wilma would be leading the singing. . . and Rich. . . he would be on a long distance run or doing the Air Force exercises that he loved to do. . . strong and healthy again!


Some say we won’t know our loved ones, because souls have no images like here on Earth . . .we won’t even care because we’ll be so amazed by all the beauty.  That may be true. I don’t really know.  But I think I’ll ponder and believe that I’ll know Rich again. . . even for just a little bit.  We have hugs and kisses to give, stories to tell, and walks to take.


We’ll meet our friends who’ve gone before

Over in the heavenly homeland

Yes, meet and greet to part no more

Over in the heavenly homeland.”


“This grand city we’re told

Has its streets paved with gold,

And its walls decked with jewels so rare;

There our Lord is the light,

And His love their delight

And His praise they’ll ever declare.”


How about you. . . what are your thoughts?


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