Charity. . . What Can You Do?

Charity. . .  I Corinthians 13 praises charity. Dad loved this chapter. . . I can have knowledge and faith thinking that is really good stuff, but if I have not charity. . . I am NOTHING!  . . .
“Charity suffereth long and is kind. . . it is not puffed up. . . it is not easily provoked.  Charity never faileth. . . And now abideth faith, hope and charity, these three, but the greatest is charity.”


A giving heart is a wonderful thing to have. There are so many needy people in  our communities.  They are all in need of different things.  It isn’t always money.  TIME. . . what can you give? Mentoring our students. . . helping them read, practice math and spelling. What a wonderful gift.  Hike through Mounds Park, sit and visit on a porch. . . just be with them. Play games. That is a gift. Helping others get groceries, mow yards, trim bushes, wash windows, clean house. . . all those are such needed gifts.


KIND WORDS. . .notes, cards, and letters are a dying treasure.  Send them to a nursing home, veterans, and people in your community. There are refrigerators that need children’s drawings. . . that will bring a smile and lift a spirit.  Let them know they are special and appreciated.


MONEY  and charity are not synonymous. . . but just one form of charity.  We all have our special organizations that have touched our lives that we make our donations.  It was during our first few years of marriage that I would pay bills on Saturday night.  A portion of what was left was given to the church.  I thought this was what God would think responsible, taking care of the family.  Sometimes it was more and sometimes it was much less.  But one of our ministers spoke on giving to the church should be first and all else would fall into place.  I began paying more money, a constant amount. . . the other bill have always just fell into place.


We have a wonderful, giving community.  Home Ec Clubs, church organizations, and individuals have supported our lunch program for students that need help.  School supplies are plentiful too.  You would be surprised how many glue sticks and pencils it takes for a year.  We have volunteers that help with after school homework or eat lunch with students that just need a friend.


What can you do?. . . the greatest is charity!


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