Do You See The Picture?

Do You See the Picture?

Do you see the picture?  Gray day. . .  steamy as only it could be in Indiana.  Old pick up parked by the highway.  A young farmer dad standing by the truck . . . dressed in bib overalls and straw hat.  He is standing with his little daughter and son.  They are gazing at the lake. . . where a field should be.  Do you see the worried look on his face?. . .  when will the  planting get done? Will there be a crop this year?  How will the bills get paid?

One spring when I was little. . . rain had poured—days on end.  Dad took us riding to look at the crops. . . to see  just how bad the damage was.  His eyes surveyed the many acres that were under water while his brain calculated the cost of replanting and the growing season pushed closer to the frost date in the fall.  We parked the truck by the highway and looked out over this wide lake where a field should have been.  Ed said, “I dare you to wade out there!”  I looked up at Dad and he said, “Go ahead!”  That was all I needed to head out on my next adventure.  I took off my shoes, socks, and away I went– high stepping at first . .  .where the water was shallow. . .  then plop, Plop, P L O P! . . . the mud was squishy and oozing between my toes.  I was in water up to my  knees. . .  I looked back at the truck and it was smaller, much smaller. I could barely see Dad and Ed any longer. I was STUCK—my feet were so deep in the mud, I couldn’t lift them.  “Help!” I screamed. “Dad, I can’t get out!”

Dad was laughing. . . he thought I was kidding. I WAS NOT!  So. . . he took off his work boots, pulled off his socks, and rolled up the legs of his overalls. . . and he started in.  He finally, got to me. . . it  took forever . . . or so it seemed.  He tried to lift me up by the waist!  I felt like a Gumby doll. . . stretching—being pulled taller and taller. . .  it just wasn’t working!  Then Dad pulled on one foot and out it came.  Then he pulled on the other foot.  Out it came!  Muddy water was dripping from my feet.  We headed back to the truck, laughing all the way.  Ed was just watching. . . it must have been a ridiculous sight . . . Dad and I out in the middle of this lake.

Do you see the picture?  A gray day, an old pickup parked by the highway.  A young farmer dad in overalls and straw hat. . . standing by his daughter and son. They’re gazing at a lake where a field should be. . . Do you see the smile on their faces?  The planting will get done.  There will be a crop this year.  The bills will get  paid. . . and . . . memories were made that will last a lifetime!