More Loving, More Kind

Philip Zaleski wrote: “Thank you Lord for reminding me that happiness is  a matter of spirit. . . not a place.”


A favorite hymn of mine. . .


“How happy, how lovely,

How joyful I feel!

I want to feel more love,

Yea more love and zeal.

I want my love perfect,

I want my love pure

That all things with patience

I may well endure.


I want to be little,

More simple and mild,

More like my blessed Master

And more like a child;

More watchful, more prayerful,

More lovely in mind

More humble, more gentle,

More loving and kind


. . . O, come my dear brethren,

Both aged and youth,

And all who are willing

To walk in the truth.

Let’s all join together

In union and love,

And on our blest journey

Then joyful we’ll move.”


My spirit will not be broken by the evils of this world. .. keeping my eyes on Jesus in these troubled times.  What is your poem, song, verse that helps you through each day?